Book– “Symptomatology in Neurosurgery”- Dr. Virendra Deo Sinha, Dr.Jitin Bajaj, Dr.Trilochan Srivastava

Chapter in Books

  1. Prehospital care in traumatic brain injury (Pattern of reporting and practices for the management of traumatic brain injury)
  2. Challenges in Neurotrauma management in India and rapidly growing developing countries (Oxford publication)
  3. Pre-hospital care – Indian TBI guidelines by National Neurotrauma Society of India.
  4. Non-missile Penetrating Head Injuries in penetrating injuries; Missile Injuries of the Brain, Spine and peripheralNerves; Second edition, Dr H. Bhatoe
  5. Lateral Supra-Orbital Craniotomy and a Subfrontal-Trans-Sylvian Approach for an Olfactory Groove Virendra Deo Sinha and Amit Chakrabarty
  6. Principles and Application of Microscope Integrated Sodium Fluorescein-Fluorescence Module in Neuro Oncology: A Low Cost and High Utility Armamentarium Virendra Deo Sinha and Amit Chakraborty
  7. Frontal Parasagittal Craniotomy and Excision of a Cortical Surfacing Metastatic Melanoma Virendra Deo Sinha and Gaurav Jain
  8. Prehospital Care: Current Pro le and Future Trends Virendra Deo Sinha, Amit ChakrabartyHandbook of Neurotrauma Volume 2 : Cranial Trauma
  9. Cranio-cerebral Penetrating Injuries
Virendra Deo Sinha, Amit Chakrabarty ,NishantYagnick Handbook of Neurotrauma Volume 2 : Cranial Trauma

M.S. Thesis:                                                                                        

“Astudy of Epidemiology, Pathologyand Clinical Features of Tumours of Soft Somatic    Tissue”(25 cases)


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